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User Training &

Phishing Simulation

User Training Solution


Tuearis offers customized cybersecurity training solutions to help your users understand their role in protecting your organization! 


Managed campaigns

Let us manage the campaigns for you. With our managed services, you get periodic phishing and awareness campaigns across your organization with up-to-date templates and a consultant that will ensure the quality of the test. Once complete, you’ll receive a periodic written report from our expert.


Custom test and train service

A custom service contains the setup, configuration and execution support of a FULLY CUSTOM attack simulation and awareness campaign. Individual pricing applies.


Quality certification

A campaign review is performed every twelve months or upon request, including findings, suggestions for future campaigns, and more. It also contains a supervisory analysis, a report, and a LUCY certificate at the end of the process.


Custom template creation

We can easily adapt our attack and awareness templates for your campaign. This includes content adjustments and alignment with your corporate design.


Semi-custom video creation

We can easily customize our training videos for your company’s needs: the LUCY watermark is removed and we put your logo and company name under the video.


Security culture assessment

Analysis of the safety culture: The current safety culture is identified and evaluated through interviews, surveys, and analyses of the guidelines.

Consulting services


Our senior security consultants are available to support you in the planning and implementation of awareness campaigns.

Phishing Simulation

Tuearis' customizable social-engineering (phishing) simulations can put your users to the test in campaigns meant to mimic real-world attacks.


  • Phishing simulations

  • 800+ Attack templates

  • Ransomware simulations

  • Portable media attacks (USB, CD, etc.)

  • Smishing simulations

  • Malware simulations (Office macros, Java, etc.)

  • File-based attacks (PDF, Audio, etc.)

  • Spoofing attacks (Website Cloner, SMS- & Mail-spoofing)

Contact us today for a conversation about how we can help you to REST SECURED!

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Interactive and Entertaining Training

If your users aren't engaged with their training, they aren't learning! Tuearis' User Training platform will help your users do more than 'check the box' for cybersecurity training.

Dedicated Account Executive

At Tuearis, we value high quality customer support as the pinnacle of success. Our staff is committed to ensuring you receive quality service throughout the project lifecycle. In addition to a dedicated Account Executive that will be assigned to your project, our trained staff will work assiduously to ensure all of your expectations and project goals are achieved.

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