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War Stories: Data Loss Prevention

Tuearis identifies potentially malicious data theft by a client’s employee.

Does your organization keep PII of its clients or employees? Is there sensitive IP inside your environment that would be harmful if leaked or stolen? For these situations and more, Data Loss Prevention (or DLP) should be an essential part of an organization’s cybersecurity program. One of our clients recently had a real life reminder of just how important this topic is.

An organization in the medical industry has a great deal of sensitive data. Tuearis works heavily in the medical industry with around 60% of our clients coming from that sector. One of these clients utilizes multiple of our cyber service and was recently alerted of employee behavior that could be potentially damaging.

An employee had accessed company servers containing propietary information, downloaded some of this information, and then emailed it to their personal email address. Not only is this a violation of company policy, but it could also result in that data being exposed to unauthorized individuals.

Tuearis provides the tools and expertise necessary to help prevent data loss on behalf of this client and an alert came into the Tuearis Security Operations Center regarding a potentially unauthorized activity. The investigation of the incident began within minutes and, upon verification, resulted in a War Room with the client wherein all relevant parties from the Tuearis team and the client’s team were brought together to discuss and plot remediation.

The client’s team was able to confirm the activities that were noted, the employee identified, and the client went off to handle the personnel side of the issue.

Tuearis is unique in our approach to be the ‘cyber team’ for our clients by providing all levels of cyber expertise and needs from executive level down. We are proud to be able to assist our clients with their cyber needs and to be the trusted team to manage security threats on a daily basis. If you are ready to see what a true cyber program can accomplish, schedule a call today!

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