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The Cost of a Non-Encrypted Laptop

If you require HIPAA compliance, not encrypting your hard drives could result in significant costs and reparations for your business.

The Importance of HIPAA Security

With an unprecedented number of staff transitioning from desktop to laptop use, ensuring those laptops are set up for security should be your top priority. At what cost should you skip encrypting your hard drive?

If you require HIPAA compliance, encrypting your hard drives should be completed before they are allowed to leave the IT department.

How much could it cost you?

This lesson has been learned the hard way by Rhode Island Hospital when an employee’s laptop was stolen from their car containing just 20,000 patient records – and were fined just over $1,000,000 by HHS OCR for the security breach.

Can you imagine what the fine would have been if that laptop contained all patient records? Even after payment of the fine, the hospital will likely have extreme difficulty in insuring their business going forward against other cyber breaches. Additionally, there is the ongoing cost of cleaning up this mess and restoring HIPAA compliance.

How Tuearis Helps with Compliance

If you require compliance, you need to know which devices are allowed to access your network and which devices do not – if the device is allowed to access your network you must ensure those systems are properly protected.

Tuearis employs technologies and practices to secure your devices and network while also providing various compliance reports to help you identify which systems are compliant, and which devices need immediate attention. Through our Threat and Vulnerability programs, Endpoint Security platforms, and SOC (Security Operations Center) we are able to provide the visibility, protection (such as encryption), and compliance needed to help maximize your business performance.

Contact us today so that we can help you REST SECURED.

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