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SolarWinds Threat and Tuearis' Help

The biggest cyber news of December 2020 has certainly been regarding the SolarWinds breach that has affected a large number of organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Tuearis does not use SolarWinds in our own environment nor do we manage it as a product in client environments. However, numerous organizations have expressed concern regarding the incident and have reached out for guidance. Tuearis is anxious to help organizations to address the SolarWinds breach as it relates to their own security.

High Level Overview

Bad Actors gained access to the SolarWinds platform on the backend and installed backdoors into the environments of many SolarWinds' clients. Numerous governmental and private sector organizations were breached and the full extent of the damage is still unknown. It is generally believed that this attack was state-sponsored. It was certainly highly sophisticated and involved social-engineering, stolen credentials, malware, hacking and lateral movement in the breached networks.

Security Consulting

Are you an organization that has been using SolarWinds and are now concerned about possible negative impacts? We are ready to help you assess the risk and plan the best way to address your cybersecurity going forward. Some organizations are going so far as to have to rebuild their networks from scratch. We will help you determine what approach would be best in your environment.

Security Assessment

This may be the perfect time to assess your organization's security. Evaluate your tools, account privileges, security policies, Incident Response Planning, and more. Don't wait until another event occurs and puts your organization in the headlines!


Building Multi-Factor Authentication deep into the environment and making lateral movement extremely difficult are some of the primary benefits of a Zero-Trust network. Tuearis can help determine if Zero-Trust will work for your organization, guide you through the process of implementation, and can even help manage your network security going forward.

Contact us today and REST SECURED.

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