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Security to be Thankful For!

Are you thankful for your cybersecurity program? What would a program look like that you would be thankful for?

It's a great time of year to be thankful. While you're at it, try imagining what you WOULD be thankful for, if it existed... such as a good cybersecurity program. What would that even look like? Here are some ideas.

A security program you could be thankful for would likely...

Enable Business Operations

Security can seem a little intrusive. Most people don't like resetting passwords or working with MFA. A good security program would make every effort to enable business operations rather than impeding them. Having a cyber team that cares about user experience would certainly enable a more a pleasant experience!

Enable Mobility

Business is mobile these days. A good security program would embrace mobility and build a program that allows employees to work from anywhere securely. Can you imagine not having to worry about where your people were located?!

Be Proactive

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so they say. A security program that is working well BEFORE an attack arrives would certainly be ideal and worthy of gratitude.

Be Closely Observed

Someone needs to be available to see that something fishy is going on and begin investigating. Observation is key to early interdiction. Wouldn't it be nice to know that someone is tuned into your security posture even while you're at the company holiday party?

Be Quick to Notify

Speaking of observation, wouldn't it be nice to be notified quickly if there was an issue? We think so. That's why Tuearis Cyber has some of the most aggressive security SLAs in the industry (which we also consistently outperform!)

Work Within Budget

Yes, an affordable program is great. Even better would be if that program included unlimited Incident Response on protected devices. And even BETTER would be un-metered access to your supporting SOC team. Did I mention that we offer those things? Wouldn't that be amazing!?

Be Maturing

Security that's stagnant isn't security at all. A cyber program to be thankful for has a maturing technology stack to keep on the cutting edge of cyber. It would also provide executive level guidance, maybe like a virtual CISO, to guide the organization into a better posture over time. There could also be additional services that could be added on to further layer the program. It just so happens that Tuearis Cyber provides all of that.

We at Tuearis Cyber pride ourselves on helping build and maintain a cybersecurity program you can be thankful for.

Contact us when you're ready to begin!

Did we miss anything? Let us know! We'd love to hear what else would make a cyber program worthy of thanksgiving!

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