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North Korean Actors Target Healthcare

CISA, the FBI, and the Department of the Treasury have released an advisory warning that North Korean state-sponsored actors are targeting American healthcare organizations using Maui Ransomware.

The motivation of these attackers is seemingly to generate revenue for the North Korean state, which is cash-strapped at best. Using Ransomware-as-a-Service techniques, the group is crippling healthcare organizations with 128-bit encrypted ransomware in order to shut down operations and force critical care providers to pay quickly or risk the loss of life and clients.

Your business is a target for criminals somewhere. It isn't right, but it is a fact. Quickly evolving threats outpace most slow paced security teams and technologies. That's why Tuearis Cyber ONLY does cybersecurity. It's our entire purpose and focus. We are ready to help you secure your environment from North Korean state-sponsored attackers and/or that disgruntled employee that was recently terminated.

Contact Tuearis today for a free consultation or schedule one here.

See the technical details of Maui Ransomware here.

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