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Marketing Vendor Breach Impacts 2.7 Million

Marketing and printing services provided to government and health organizations exposed in vendor breach.

OneTouchPoint provides "print, marketing execution and supply chain management" to numerous healthcare and government clients, according to their website. The company suffered a breach earlier this year which resulted in some clients being hit with data breaches and/or ransomware, as well as the PII exposure of about 2.7 million individuals.

This is yet another warning of the dangers posed by third party vendors across all sectors.

Regulatory attorney Rachel Rose says, "Cybercriminals usually go for the 'weakest link,' and it may or may not be a business associate or subcontractor... Appreciating the points of ingress and egress of sensitive data is paramount because those are the paths that a cybercriminal can use to access the 'lucky charms,' if you will," she says. Read more about the attack and impact here.

Securing your environment and the value data on clients and employees is growing more and more difficult. However, putting the right solutions and expertise in place makes all of the difference in securing the environment as well as quickly recognizing when an incident does occur.

Tuearis Cyber is here to help mature your cyber program. We offer cyber expertise ranging from the executive level to the day to day monitoring. Contact us today so you can begin to Rest Secured.

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