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Log4Shell is still being exploited

MuddyWater, sponsored by the Iranian regime, is now exploiting.

Despite the global headlines, multitudes of cyber related posts, and even a full dedicated page from CISA regarding Log4Shell, this vulnerability continues to be present in many organizations. Recently it was announced that this vulnerability is now being exploited by Iranian sponsored attackers. With so much attention being given to Log4Shell, why does this vulnerability still so prevalently exist?

The answer in a nut shell is that many organizations do not have a matured Threat and Vulnerability Management program to identify and remediate this and other threats. The tools, practices, and expertise necessary to get a solid TVM program off the ground alludes many well meaning organizations.

Tuearis is here to help. Not only are we familiar with all of the 'big name' solutions and are willing to help deploy and mature the solutions, but we also offer managed TVM programs if that is in your organization's best interest.

Why wait until an attacker targets you? Contact us today and REST SECURED.

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