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Is HITRUST on your radar?

HITRUST certification is no easy feat. Get started early and have professional guidance.

HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) is a non-profit organization that maintains the HISTRUST Common Security Framework. There has been a growing interest in healthcare organizations to pursue HITRUST certification for several reasons including larger health organizations requiring it of their vendors. If your organization has interest in this certification it is wise to know what you are getting into.

There are many components to and organizational impacts related to HITRUST Compliance. While the timeline will vary to build a compliance program, it will not be an overnight process. Start early and give yourself plenty of time for the unexpected to occur, because it most likely will!

Despite the difficulties, HITRUST may be just what your organization needs to win the next level of opportunities. If so, know that Tuearis is able to help with consultants that are experienced in guiding organizations through the process. Contact us for a free consultation!


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