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First Ransomware "Bug Bounty"

LockBit is the first ransomware gang to offer bounties to hackers that locate bugs in LockBit 3.0.

It is increasingly common for software developers to take advantage of the skills and interest of the world wide community of developers by offering financial rewards to those that can locate 'bugs' in their software. These friendly efforts to 'hack' their programs help to keep a malicious actor from causing real problems later on. It seems that cyber criminals are now seeing the value in this approach, as well.

LockBit is a ransomware operation that launched in 2019 and is famous for offering "ransomware as a service" to their criminal clients. As they introduce their latest version, LockBit 3.0, they are asking hackers everywhere to try and find the bugs. If they are successful, rewards will be paid up to $1 million.

Cybercrime is an industry and these thieves have built a large, successful, business by targeting organizations of all types and industries. They are hunting for their next victims right now! Thankfully, Tuearis has successfully defended our clients from ransomware attacks 100% of the time by blocking every malicious encryption attempt on every endpoint under our Managed Detection and Response protection.

Don't fall prey to them due to a lack of cybersecurity or skilled expertise. Schedule a call with us today to stay ahead of the threat!

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