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FBI Warns Ag Sector of Ransomware Uptick

This morning the FBI released a bulletin warning the Agriculture sector of a notable uptick in ransomware attacks against this sector.

Attackers know that the food supply chain is under great strain due to fertilizer shortages, viral outbreaks, and shipping constraints. In this essential planting season these attackers are increasing their attacks on those in the food supply chain in hopes that their desperation will lead to quick payment of ransom demands.

The days of thinking that only those in the financial and medical sectors need to worry about cyber attacks are far behind us. If you provide an essential service you are a prime target for the evil and criminally minded.

To this day Tuearis Cyber has not had a successful ransomware attempt on any system under our Managed Detection and Response protection. We do not boast arrogantly about this fact, but we strive daily to ensure we are doing our very best to protect our clients' endpoints and servers from ransomware attempts with a constantly evolving security solution. We take your organization's mission as seriously as you do.

If we can help you secure your environment contact us today.

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