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Defining a Win (for Clients)

What does it look like when Tuearis succeeds in our mandate to help provide cybersecurity?

Does cybersecurity sometimes seem gimmicky to you? After all, every IT team, MSP, and software product claims they offer top notch cybersecurity!

This all begs us to answer:

Security is usually invisible. How do you know it's working?

It's obviously easy to tell when it did NOT work. Just look at the headlines or the statistics on breaches this year!

It can definitely be said that, "No news is good news" when it comes to a cyber program, since we exist to keep security breaches from occurring in the first place, but it also makes it difficult for skeptics to accept that anything is being done at all!

Thankfully, sometimes great illustrations of winning come along that allow a security team to flaunt their work. This week has seen such a win for Tuearis Cyber, and they provide an opportunity for us to show what winning looks like to us and to our clients.

Recent Ransomware Win

One of our SOC analysts sent a notice to a client simply explaining,

"Tuearis Security Operations Center (SOC) alerted potential ransomware activity on one of your devices [and remediation has been performed]... We do not have any indication that there is a continued threat in the environment."

The simple explanation was informative only. No action was needed on the part of the client. No impact on business was felt. The client wouldn't have known anything had it not been for the notice. However, the client wanted more information which Tuearis was happy to provide. A meeting and a few emails later to illustrate fully what had happened and a major event on a business essential system had been averted. Advice was given on how to prevent similar events in the future and the investigation was completed.

What Could Have Happened

Of course, this day could have been a terrible day for the business in question. They could have seen a major halt to business operations and the beginning of a major remediation. They could have seen Incident Response teams, insurance claims, lost revenue, and major bills to pay. But they didn't. They just saw an email alert.

That's a win. That's why Tuearis exists and why our clients work with us.

Pretty Typical

So is this just a one off? No. It's pretty typical, actually. And thankfully so! We are grateful to be trusted enough to help secure our clients' environments and we are thankful to be able to tell business leaders that their organization was protected from an attack (which we can walk them through to reveal what took place).

Tuearis works in silence and we usually don't want you to even know we are there. Tuearis is latin for "guardian." We are proud to be your guardian!

If you need a guardian to work along side your IT team, give us a call. Let us help you to REST SECURED.

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