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Cybersecurity, Life, Liberty, and Property

It was recently reported that a hospital is being sued in Alabama in relation to the death of an infant after a ransomware attack hindered the hospital network from functioning properly. The case has the medical industry at full attention and cybersecurity professionals are taking the opportunity to point out how the threats that cyber risks pose are ever increasing and evolving.

This moment serves as a painful reminder that cybersecurity is about more than protecting IP or financial data (as important as those things are). Ultimately, cybersecurity is about protecting life, as well as liberty and property. Addressing the cyber threat is essential to the survival of individuals, organizations and our nation.

The courts will have to determine who is at fault in this tragic loss of life but make no mistake about it; cyber risks are evolving and increasing. Failing to address these risks may cost more than any insurance policy could replace.

Yes, we at Tuearis want to help. But what we want even more is for everyone to increase their awareness of cyber threats regardless of how you choose to address those threats. Our generation has entered an incredible new world of technology and connectedness which has introduced new risks never before seen. We must all rise to meet the threat.

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