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Cyber Checklist (Part 6): Manage Your Mobile Devices

We are ending out Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a 6 part Cyber Checklist by which to improve your organization's cyber program. Good luck and contact us when Tuearis Cyber can help!

Manage Your Mobile Devices

With remote work and work-from-home employees growing at a faster-pace than it ever

has, your company must ensure it has an operational security and visibility

plan for its assigned mobile devices. Today's cybercriminals are attempting to access

your network by way of your employees’ phones and tablets at an alarming pace.

They're taking advantage of this often neglected this piece of the puzzle.

Mobile Device Management

Keeping track of the organization's mobile devices and building policies for their use is accomplished through MDM programs.


If employees are accessing company data on personally owned devices, consider installing containers on those devices to protect both the organization and the user.

Mobile Anti-Virus

Mobile AV is new and evolving, but forward thinking organizations already see the mobile threats making the headlines. Have you begun to look into the benefits of mobile AV yet? If not, you soon will! As the lines between endpoints and mobile devices blur, mobile AV will be the new normal before long.

Tuearis Cyber is staying on top of the threats that face your organization. We would be happy to partner with you for all of your cybersecurity needs. Contact us today!

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