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Cyber Checklist (Part 3): Detect and Respond

We are ending out Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a 6 part Cyber Checklist by which to improve your organization's cyber program. Good luck and contact us when Tuearis Cyber can help!

Detect and Respond to Threats

Being attacked is really not a matter of IF but WHEN. Real-time threat detection and incident response capabilities ensure that you have visibility and control over your network enabling faster incident-response. Ensure that you have the man-power and expertise to reduce real alerts from "system noise."

Ensure you have a real-time monitoring and alert system in place

It likely won't help you to know of an attempted data breach days after the event. Real-time awareness is key to response.

Create alerting protocols you can apply across workstations, servers, etc

Incident response begins at the first alert.

Ensure you have a Cloud-based detection system for internet and email utilization

Alerting within the network alone may be impeded by the attack itself. Cloud-based systems can help.

Join us in the coming days for the rest of the series!

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