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Cyber Checklist (Part 2): Manage Your Network

We are ending out Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a 6 part Cyber Checklist by which to improve your organization's cyber program. Good luck and contact us when Tuearis Cyber can help!

Manage Your Network and Endpoints

Ponemon Institute in 2019 reported, "73% of Executives indicate they have little or no insight into what physical devices are connecting to their network." These unknown devices present incredible risks to the organization. Managing your network and endpoints should include all of the following:

Actively inventory all network assets and classify them by risk

You cannot protect what you don't know exists. The tools and processes needed to keep an accurate inventory of the network are essential, not optional, to security.

Create buffers between different tiers of priviliged access levels

Privileges should not be escalated easily. Create buffers to protect data that you don't want to be shared.

Continually scan your endpoints and apply patches

OS and third party softwares need regular patching. A good TVM program will help you know that threats are present and remediate them.

Use DNS filtering to protect against malicious websites

Failing to filter the websites your users are visiting is an open door for attackers.

Develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for auditing firewall policies and critical endpoints

How often and how well the network and endpoints are audited can make all of the difference!

Build a program for visualization and alert management for endpoint security

Too often alerts are never seen or ignored. Even good endpoint protection platforms need regular review, tuning, and alert investigation.

Join us for the rest of the series in the following days!

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