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Cyber Checklist (Part 1): Manage Your People

We are ending out Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a 6 part Cyber Checklist by which to improve your organization's cyber program. Good luck and contact us when Tuearis Cyber can help!

Manage Your People

Most breaches in small and medium sized businesses are the result of common sense security measures not being in place. The first priority to security is managing the risk of

your own people on your business systems. Here are some policies to enact as soon as possible:

Enable enhanced password policies, including timed renewals

While this is one of those 'small' acts, it is hugely important. Yes, we know that some of your users will protest. Nevertheless, this should be a 'non-negotiable' for most security approaches today.

Set user screen timeouts

There's no need for an active log-in if no one is at the work station!

Limit User Access

If the data isn't relevant to the user's role, then they shouldn't have access to it. Pro-tip: Review these access rules regularly and remove the access that's no longer relevant for employees that are promoted or moved to another division.

Develop a Training and Awareness Program for Users

By simply turning your team's attention to the threats occasionally you will find them to be more security aware all of the time!

Scan the Dark Web for Stolen User Credentials

Be on the lookout for stolen credentials being sold or passed around. It may be your first indicator of a breach.

Come back for the rest of the 6 part series!

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