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Another Town Down

Palermo, Italy this time.

Another city has had to shut down all of its systems due to a cyberattack, most likely a DDOS or ransomware variant. These types of events are frustrating for city officials as well as local citizens.

Tuearis has helped local governments defend against both DDOS and ransomware attacks on numerous occasions. We recall one occurrence when, during a Security Assessment, the local government received a ransom demand with a DDOS threat associated. One week's notice was given. 'Pay us $400,000 or suffer a crippling DDOS attack one week from now,' they said. Instead, the city asked us to take over management of their network security. The attack came. Business was not impacted. The city saved time, money, and resources. Everyone except the attacker won.

We are proud to support local and state governments in their network defense. There's no need for your town to go down. Contact Tuearis for a Security Assessment or Managed Security options today!

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