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15 Minutes Until Hackers Scan for CVEs

How much time do you have after a new CVE is published before hackers are scanning for vulnerable endpoints? According to Palo Alto's 2022 Unit 42 report it's now only 15 minutes.

Despite the criminal actors' continually improving efficiency in turning vulnerability info into actionable intel, we repeatedly see organizations failing to prioritize Threat and Vulnerability Management programs as an essential component of their layered security.

What does a mature TVM program do for you?

  1. Provides current awareness of the softwares and vulnerabilities in your environment.

  2. Provides levels of criticality so that you can remediate what's most essential, first.

  3. Provides planning, scheduling for, and remediation of vulnerabilities.

  4. Receives ongoing threat intelligence to keep information current.

Tuearis Cyber has the expertise, leading TVM platforms, and engagement you need to keep a maturing TVM program. Schedule a call to determine how we can help your organization to address the constantly evolving threatscape you're facing.

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