Penetration Testing

Testing Your Defenses


How secure is your network from penetration? Most often it is not as secure as organizational leadership believes. Tuearis has some of the best Certified Ethical Hackers on staff to find out the truth to this question.


Test Your Security


Perhaps you have security personnel on staff and want to test their preparedness, or maybe you have trusted your organization’s security to an outside cybersecurity business. Either way, we can work with your business leaders to perform a Penetration Test that will let them see how a real attack could penetrate into the network and put the business at risk.


Black Box and Other Options


Penetration Tests come in several varieties depending upon the desires of the organization. One type is referred to as a “Black Box” wherein the attacking team is given little to no information on the environment or security that is in place and is expected to find a way in. Tuearis Cyber offers this type of testing, as well as others, to truly put your security team to the test. Our Certified Ethical Hackers (CEHs) are among the best in the business and have experience across many industries, as well as government and private sectors.

Helpful Reports


Tuearis will provide a detailed report and helpful tips for improving your security after the Penetration Test is completed. This report is where your team improves and your organization becomes more secure.


Are you ready to be put your security to the ultimate test? We are here to help. Tuearis Cyber is your Security. Tested.

An Objective Answer to the Question...

Where are you most vulnerable?

You will know after our Penetration Test is completed... and be able to solidify your defenses.

Personnel Meets Technology

Your technology is only as good as those managing it. Your Security Team at Tuearis consists of Subject Matter Experts (SME's) in cybersecurity and the particular technologies deployed in the environment. You can rest easy knowing that the best people and technologies are working together to keep you and your company safe.

Reduce Operation Costs
Reduce Operation Costs

Proper IT operations are costly, creating unnecessary  strain on most businesses. We eliminate the need for expensive hardware, electrical, cooling and experienced labor - you reap all the benefits of quality IT without the mess. Reduce operating expenses while delivering superior solutions.

Maintain Compliance
Maintain Compliance

PCI, ISO, HIPAA, FISMA - we have it all. Maintaining proper security compliance can be critical to many businesses. Tuearis ensures your company is properly services and maintained to Industry Best Practices and International Security Standards.

Protect Business Assets
Protect Business Assets

From Digital Intellectual Property to Physical Property, company assets come in many forms. Whether you’re tracking a lost device and wiping it for security, or wish to ensure your property is only accessed by authorized personnel, ensuring the security of these assets is critical to every business.

Dedicated Account Executive

At Tuearis, we value high quality customer support as the pinnacle of success. Our staff is committed to ensuring you receive quality service throughout the project lifecycle. In addition to a dedicated Account Executive that will be assigned to your project, our trained staff will work assiduously to ensure all of your expectations and project goals are achieved.

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