Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security


Endpoint security is essential to securing your organization. “Endpoints” are the desktops and laptops that your employees use every day. 70% of breaches originate in the endpoints themselves and Tuearis prides itself on providing the highest level of endpoint security-- security strong enough for the military.


Recognizing the Threats to Endpoints


Antivirus alone is not enough anymore. Endpoints are your company’s doors to the world. What are you letting in through those doors?  Ransomware is a growing threat to businesses of all sizes and industries. 7 out of 10 malware payloads today are found to be Ransomware. Many other threats also exist that intend to hijack your system for malicious purposes (like Cryptomining, which has impacted 55% of organizations globally), gather password and user data, or to gain access to company servers. Endpoints are the easiest point of entry to your network. Are they equipped for the battle?


Vulnerability Management


Do you know what vulnerabilities exist in your system? Vulnerability Management is an essential part of endpoint security that includes vulnerability scanning and patching those vulnerabilities to ensure no system is left vulnerable to known attacks.


Live Monitoring


If one of your systems were compromised, would you know? Is your IT staff already stretched thin? Are they trained and equipped to detect and respond to threats?


90% of IT Managers say they are overwhelmed with general maintenance and don't have the right staff to perform security functions. It is not uncommon for security alarms issued by endpoints to be ignored for days, weeks, or indefinitely. Entrusting your security to Tuearis ensures that endpoint security alerts are reviewed as they are issued by our detection systems. This is accomplished through highly secure, cloud-based system monitoring. Tuearis is more than top-of-line products, we are your security staff!


Your data will be safer and your IT managers will have more time to focus on running your technology and planning for the future... which increases productivity throughout your business!


Managed Endpoint Defense


Our Managed Endpoint Defense offering does far more than off-the-shelf antivirus. Through custom designing the right software solutions for your company, Managed Endpoint Defense will provide each of your endpoints with an exhaustive list of software solutions to safeguard the multitudes of attack vectors being used by cyber-criminals.


In one all encompassing package, Managed Endpoint Defense provides a behavior-based Antivirus software, Ransomware Protection, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Web Security, Download Reputation Analysis, Security Policy Management, Host Intrusion Protection, Malicious Traffic Detection, Automatic Compromise Isolation, Application Control, External Device Control, and Vulnerability Management.


In other words, it is your endpoint’s total security package. That’s Tuearis' Managed Endpoint Defense. REST SECURED.

Best of Breed Technology

The Tuearis Security Team analyzes your environment, industry, and unique posture to determine which technologies will secure your endpoints most effectively. We deploy only leading technologies, and specifically those that are best for your environment.

Leading Technology Integration
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Personnel Meets Technology

Your technology is only as good as those managing it. Your Security Team at Tuearis consists of Subject Matter Experts (SME's) in cybersecurity and the particular technologies deployed in the environment. You can rest easy knowing that the best people and technologies are working together to keep you and your company safe.

Reduce Operation Costs

Proper IT operations are costly, creating unnecessary  strain on most businesses. We eliminate the need for expensive hardware, electrical, cooling and experienced labor - you reap all the benefits of quality IT without the mess. Reduce operating expenses while delivering superior solutions.

Maintain Compliance

PCI, ISO, HIPAA, FISMA - we have it all. Maintaining proper security compliance can be critical to many businesses. Tuearis ensures your company is properly services and maintained to Industry Best Practices and International Security Standards.

Protect Business Assets

From Digital Intellectual Property to Physical Property, company assets come in many forms. Whether you’re tracking a lost device and wiping it for security, or wish to ensure your property is only accessed by authorized personnel, ensuring the security of these assets is critical to every business.



Application Management

  • Maintain licensing compliance and financial security

  • Deploy and retract applications

  • Ensure staff utilize trusted applications

  • Protect Intellectual Property through security compliance

Inventory Tracking

  • Segment, Compartmentalize and Provision clients

  • Track and monitor client status

  • Effectively manage for any need

Content Management

  • Securely distribute documents

  • Controls access and publishing rights for third-party providers like Dropbox

  • Disallow or limit access to unwanted social or time-wasting sites

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Device Management

  • Total control over device settings

  • Maintain critical compliance

    • PCI, HIPPA, Operation Security and Asset Security

  • Protect Intellectual Property through security compliance

  • Enforce encryption and protect sensitive data

  • Dynamically update policies in real time

  • Retract and modify policies in real time

Patch Mangement

  • Keep clients updated and compliant

  • Protect assets and Intellectual Property

  • Keep staff operational in the field while maintaining IT security

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  • Identity Access Management (IAM)

  • Encrypted provisioned container for company data and apps

  • Isolate sensitive data from user’s personal data

  • Allow users to personalize devices without compromising company security

  • Additional password protection for work email

Location & Wipe

  • Global geolocation capabilities

  • Target and erase devices

  • Mitigate compromises and protect business assets

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Dedicated Account Executive

At Tuearis, we value high quality customer support as the pinnacle of success. Our staff is committed to ensuring you receive quality service throughout the project lifecycle. In addition to a dedicated Account Executive that will be assigned to your project, our trained staff will work assiduously to ensure all of your expectations and project goals are achieved.

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