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Email Security

More than Technology


Two thirds of installed malware is delivered through email and 91% of cyber attacks begin with a phishing email, according to Verizon and PhishMe Research. Email security is a top priority to organizations of any size today. Our Subject Matter Experts (SME's) in security have helped to secure organizations across many industries and of every size from the associated email risks. You can trust Tuearis Cyber to provide you with the best email security available.


Why Tuearis?


The Best Technologies


Email Security is a major focus in the Security Industry and various technologies have arisen to help mitigate email risks. Tuearis is constantly looking for the best technologies to deploy for the end users and has partnered with some of the best technologies available. Which technology is best for your business? Trust the Subject Matter Experts at Tuearis Cyber to help you make the best decision based upon the environment as a whole!


Expert Maintenance


As your Security Staff, Tuearis will handle:


-Policy and Rules Management

    Let us keep you secure based upon the latest information and attack vectors based on intelligence from the wild.

-Enrolling and Unenrolling Email Accounts

    Tuearis will also handle the enrolling and unenrolling of email accounts based upon employment status.

-Employee Training

Tuearis will oversee email security training for your business by regularly scheduling mock phishing campaigns and analyzing the results to increase the knowledge of your staff regarding the threats and methods that exist.

-Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Email Security with Tuearis Cyber isn’t just about preventing breaches. We can also assist in keeping your sensitive information from being shared via email, whether accidentally or maliciously. It is also common practice for our Security Team to review the recent weeks of email correspondence of terminated employees to ensure that no sensitive data has been shared.

Tuearis is more than email filtering; We are your email security staff so you can REST SECURED.

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A System of Security

The best level of security is achieved when all of the security technologies work together. Tuearis doesn't treat email security as an independent issue, but rather as part of the security posture of your business as a whole. 

Leading Technology Integration
Dedicated Account Executive

At Tuearis, we value high quality customer support as the pinnacle of success. Our staff is committed to ensuring you receive quality service throughout the project lifecycle. In addition to a dedicated Account Executive that will be assigned to your project, our trained staff will work assiduously to ensure all of your expectations and project goals are achieved.

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