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Consulting and Pre-Audit Assessments

Is your organization seeking to receive a particular compliance certification for the first time or to prepare for an upcoming audit? Tuearis can help you meet most of the security compliance challenges facing the marketplace today by providing consulting in network design and network monitoring requirements or performing pre-audit assessments so that there are no surprises during the certification process.


Our team has experience across a wide range of industries such as financial, government, medical, energy, manufacturing, transportation, and many others, and are capable of guiding your organization through whatever compliance challenges you are currently facing.

Compliances Tuearis can help you meet include...








NIST 800-171, 800-53


Our work with your organization will include both a highly skilled Compliance Consultant capable of clearly communicating the process as well as a Project Manager to help your team members have clear goals and timelines along the journey.

Industry Compliance

Tuearis is also capable of helping your organization meet specific compliance requirements passed down from your own clients so that you are able to continue providing products and services throughout the supply chain!

Our mission is to help your organization fulfill its purpose without being held back by cyber attacks, fines, or restrictions related to compliance failures. Contact us today for a free consultation and get closer to being able to REST SECURED.


Clear Communication

Compliance Consulting and Pre-Audit Assessments are only as good as the information given to the client! We pride ourselves on providing strong communicators and clear project management to help you get the most out of the engagement.

Dedicated Account Executive

At Tuearis, we value high quality customer support as the pinnacle of success. Our staff is committed to ensuring you receive quality service throughout the project lifecycle. In addition to a dedicated Account Executive that will be assigned to your project, our trained staff will work assiduously to ensure all of your expectations and project goals are achieved.

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